ArEventLog storage limit

Hi, I was wondering if there is any storage size or limit for ArEventLogs? Is the info only captured by the browser or is the log data stored somewhere on the PLC also?

Hello Kennetth Tham,

The library ArEventLog creates an entry in the logbook, the logbook can be either user created (using ArEventLogCreate) or B&R log module (using ArEventLogGetIdent)
For more information about this library can be found here ArEventLog

In both case, those logs are saved in the flash memory. How much memory that are reserved for each logbook can be configured in the PLC’s configuration.

Hope this answers your question.




as additional hint to what Wenbo Ruan already wrote:
if you create a own logger module via ArEventLogCreate, you can parameter the size of logger via the parameter .Size of the function block (in byte).
The logger modules stored in the PLC works as a ring buffer, so this size keeps constant and if it’s full, oldest entries are deleted when adding new ones.

Reading the logger with Automation Studio will display all entries available, while SDM in the browser will only display the 100 newest entries.

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