ArEventLog with more than one program

Hi, if we have multiple programs running on the PLC that use ArEventLog, does each program have to initialize the ArEventLog separately, or is it sufficient for one program to initialize and the other programs can directly call the ArEventLog to write? Is one logger specific to one program?


logger modules aren’t specific to tasks / programs, every user logger can be acessed by every program.

From a technical point of view, it’s not mandatory neccessary to initialize loggers in every task. As long as the right ident from the xxxCreate or xxxGetIdent function is provided to all other calls of ArEventLogxxx functions blocks, it would work.
But from a software architecture point of view, I prefer doing the neccessary steps to get the right ident in every task /library - because then every program / library / task can work independent from each other, without the need of sharing idents (for example via global variables), and without the need to have other task(s) that provide the initial information.

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Ok, thanks for the information!

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