ACOPOS 6D - A manual method for tuning shuttles with different payloads

Here is a field-tested manual process for tuning of ACOPOS 6D shuttles to the payload and tooling that is mounted to them. This is a simple way to accommodate differences between the design and manufactured tooling/payload.

This is a very rudimentary procedure but has proven to be a successful way to get the best shuttle response:

  1. Pull the Center-of-Mass (CoM) from the MCAD file for each specific tool/payload that will be used
  2. Enter this into the stereotype of the shuttle
  3. Manually disturb the shuttle by hand and trace its actual position as well as feel any excessive vibration and/or listen for any audible vibrations
  4. If the tooling is symmetrical, make small step adjustments to the CoM value in Z until you get the best response from the shuttle. This can be above OR below the initial CoM input from the MCAD file
  5. For non-symmetrical tooling, you will need to sweep the values for the other axes. This can be simplified if there is at least 1 axis of symmetry