ACOPOS Error 41061

Hi, I have a question from a customer regarding the error number 41061. The error occurs on a double ACOPOS multi.

The question is if the error / warning relates to the entire drive, or just one of the two output stages?

there is no maximum sum current per module given with ACOPOSmulti so this error must be a channel error.
41061 is triggered when LOAD_CONT_CURR exceeds 95%. Only VCTRL_I1 and VCTRL_I2 are used for calculation (s. GUID c9af4d7e-41a1-4b5e-a40f-320dd25f2749)

if it were an overload of the entire module, it should be a warning regarding the power (41095)
As far as I know, this only exists in the P3.

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Hello Patric,
this warning only relates to the output state it was reported on (I have also asked a drive firmware developer about this to make sure :wink: )
A detailed description how the continuous current load is calculated can be found here: Continuous current load

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