ACOPOS P3 with LSA resolver motors - Encoder configuration

Hello Community,

I have ACOPOS P3 8EI2X2HWT10.xxxx-1 and 3 LSA motors 8LSA35.R2030D100-3 with R2 resolver.

How to configure X41, X42 and X43 encoder interfaces for the resolver? In the drop menu it is not available.

Dear Renads,
You need the additional card 8EAC0122.003-1:

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Configuration with the additional card 8EAC0122.003-1:


we have configured 2 axis using the same card but we are getting the errors stating invalid encoder type.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-23 at 18.15.33

On Axis 3 you have linked Encoder X43.
Encoder X43 is defined as Not used, so there is no encoder type available.