ACOPOSinverter P74

Good Morning
My name is Muhummad. I am an Automation engineer located In Cairo, Egypt.
I have a problem with the ACOPOSinverter P74.
The problem is when I modify some parameter the situation is excellent.
as soon as power off, Modified parameters return to factory settings and get a trouble through the operation.
I can not find any parameter that saving the new values.
I hope you help me and give me some advice about it.

Is the P74 connected to a B&R PLC?
If this is the case, the PLC will overwrite the P74 configuration on each restart of the drive/PLC. That’s why the modified parameters will go back to the values that are specified in the PLC.
If you’d need different parameters, you’ll have to adapt the PLC program.

I may add here the picture of the configuration from the P74 in Automation Studio. The Default of this Setting is “yes” like @jan.van-de-wielle mentioned.

If you want to change the Parametes directly on the P74, you have to change the Parameter to “no” , so the PLC is not downloading the Parameters listed below.

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I will check that Sir and keep you updated.
Thanks for your respond.

I hope that solve my problem.
I will check that Sir and keep you updated .
what version software of Automation Studio Should I handle with ??

I could not find a Minimum Automation Studio Version required, but the Hardware can be added at least since AS4.1, so all greater Versions should work. I would recommend to keep your current Working Version. The newest Version available is AS4.12.

Thanks for your respond Sir.

Hello @Muhummad.Talal

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