Activate Service License on PLC


i bought some licence for MpAudit.
From B&R i only got a licensesheet where is written type and number of licenses, no further information.
I tried to get licenses to plc, but i failed because of less information.
It´s done by techonlogy guarding integrated in AS.

First Problem: PLC is PPC70 with no dongle. So i have two possibilies to choose instead of dongle: Patch protection only or 3S-Smart Software Solutions Softlicenses. Which one to choose?No description anywhere.

Second Problem: Connection to license server. Which logindata to use? No description found therefor. Login Customer portal don´t match.

Maybe anybody had same problems and any tipps for me.


the’re 2 different licensing models for mapp technology:

  • packages based
  • component based

In Automation Help under this link, you can find some more general information about these 2 licencing modells.

Only for component licences, a transfer of the licence to the PLC is neccessary.
The order code for component licenses starts with “1TG…”, for example the MpAudit license has the order code 1TGMPAUDIT.10-01 - I assume this is the licence you have, am I right?

As I know, for component licences you need a Technology Guard (the “USB dongle” 0TG1000.02 or similar) connected to the PLC, to install the licence onto it - I don’t know any other way to use a component licence in the runtime system.
A description for using the Technology Guarding Software to transfer licences from the licence server to a dongle can be found here.

The login data should be the same as for login on the website - do you get a error message when you try to login? Can you please post a screenshot of the error message?

Hallo Mr. Hefner,

1TGMPAUDIT.10-01 is the license to install on system. Its an older Machine with PPC70 which doen´t use dongle system.
But i can´t find any description how is it done in this case.
As i wrote i have two “virtual dongles” to choose in TGS, even if i´m not connected to plc.
Both showing missing licenses, no help so far.

LogOn Server see attachement

Update: LogOn Server worked without any changes, my licenses are available now.
So the problem with the PPC70 using no dongle is left.


it seems that we have had a temporary issue with the licence server online availability, so thanks for the update that the connection was now successful.

About the dongle: can you please re-upload your last screenshot again? Because I thaught I saw on this screenshot, that the mentioned “virtual dongle” was not a B&R one … do you maybe have other software installed which also uses Wibu technology for licence management? It looked a bit like that…

If it’s a B&R licence container (independent if it’s a hardware dongle or a software container) it should look similar to that (this is a sample screenshot of my own development system):



This is how it looks, no matter if i´m connected to PLC or not.

Tomorrow i will connect to a machine mith PPC2100 with Donglsystem to see the state than.


thanks for the screenshot.
Both entries don’t look like B&R licence containers.

  • The first one, I don’t know; we also have containers beginning with 128-, but there should be a (B&R Industrial Automation) displayed after the number.
  • The second one, from the naming it looks like a container that comes from a 3S (CODESYS) installation.

If I’m right, this could explain why a installation of a 1TG licence is not possible to that containers.

Also, I checked again about the PPC70: there’s no software-based dongle or similar built-in.
As I understood, the only possibility is to use a 1TG… licence is using a 0TG… USB dongle, put the licence on it, and connect this dongle to one of the USB ports of the PPC70.

The licence can be transferred either by plugging the dongle directly into the notebook, or by transferring it via a online connected PLC where the dongle is plugged in.

Have a nice evening, and best regards!

Good Morning,

thanks for your help. Now i know how to do it although i´m not happy about the need to buy dongle just for one single lincence. no proportionality given here.

best regards