Licensing of B&R-Libraries (Burklimat NG)

Hello everyone,

we’re working alot with the B&R-Library “Burklimat NG”. Now using this library requires a license. I am aware that my company is aquiring those licenses, but im not sure on how to properly install them. When doing a build or rebuild of a project which uses this library, i get a warning that one or more used components require licensing. Also when downloading the project to a PLC, it shows a yellow triangle next to “Run” in the status bar of Automation Studio, the logger has an entry about missing license, as well as the PLC’s “r/e” LED is blinking red.
My colleague claims that we just need to install a special module (X20 CMR100) and i noticed that we have 2 different types of them. One plain, and one with a sticker with a barcode that says something about “Technology guard configuration” and some number.

So my questions are:

  1. How does one properly install the license on a CPU
  2. whats this about with the different modules? Do those with the sticker contain a license, and those without a sticker don’t?

Any clarification on this is greatly appreciated!

I am not familiar with the “Burklimat NG” library but i can answer in general.

Technology Guard licenses can be installed in TG Dongles (Small Orange USB dongles) and some X20CMR*** modules have built in Technology Guard dongles. Both of these work similarly. Licenses are either activated through activation codes or transferred from the License Pool in the License server. For activation and transfer the Technology Guarding tool is used.

Technogy Guarding dongles (and X20CMR modules) can be ordered with preactivated licenses. So most likely your X20CMR module with the “Technology guard configuration” has some preactivated licenses.

Technology Guarding tool will show you which, licenses are on a dongle when connected to your computer or when you have an active Online Connection in Automation Studio.

You can read more from Automation Help here:
Automation Help: Technology Guarding intro