ArEco Library with X90CP172


My application will be using X90 with Solar panel+Battery.
I want to optimizing the power consumption as much as I can.
I’m thinking about using ArEco bring the system down to deep sleep mode and wakeup by timer every 15 minutes.

Is there anybody knows about X90CP172 supports ArEco library or not please kindly help to reply.
I’ve look into the AS help system and it mentioned only 4PPC30 supports that library.

Thank you.

Hi, not all B&R hw families support ArEco. The list of supported hw is in AsHelp. You are right X90CP15x is missing, so this supports ArEco as well. Contrary to that X90CP17x family hardware does not support the ArEco.

Do you mean that since the X90CP15x is missing, the ArEco is NOT supported?
Only the C30s are supported, from what I can see.

Hi Jaroslav,
Thanks for the reply.

Hi Brittany,
CP150 supports ArEco but didn’t mentioned in AsHelp yet.

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Interesting, thanks for the clarification!

No problem, you, @brittany.langston, can ask any time and our great community will help you :slight_smile: