B&R DevOps Package - Incorporate DevOps strategies into AS project development

B&R DevOps Package


The B&R DevOps Package is a consolidation of materials that defines DevOps, explains the key benefits, and provides insights on how to incorporate DevOps practices into Automation Studio project development.

A full description is provided in this article. See also the corresponding podcast.
@Wesley.Buchanan and I also hosted a wE-talk to go over the materials.


The goal of this package is to significantly reduce the barriers to entry of DevOps strategies into the day-to-day workflow of Automation Studio project development, in order to increase the efficiency, quality, and maintainability of the resulting applications.

Access now!

All of the materials are freely available on GitHub here.


Integration testing with mapp View

We are happy to announce that integration testing with mapp View has been added to the DevOps package.

With this addition to the package we cover using a combination of pytest and Selenium WebDriver to automate testing with a mapp View visualization.

The update is freely available on Github here

Special thanks to our B&R Czech colleagues for their support in this adding this!


@brittany.langston and I are happy to announce that the conversion to MkDocs is now complete and available online. This update will make the content more easily accessible as well as easier to maintain.

Head over to our GitHub pages to view the content and stay up to date on all new developments.

As always user input and requests are much appreciated and encouraged!