Can you use PubSub from OPC-UA FX in ARsim

I am trying to get PubSub to work in my simulation. I am using a PLC as my publisher and my simulation as the subscriber. I have set it up as the Help says and i have set my simulation IP as the same as the static IP of my ethernet port, but i stil get the error: -1038023698 - Invalid simulation IP address configured.


please refer to the FAQ.

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This does not solve my problem. I have configured my ARsim as per point 2 in the image and i have no problem with ARsim since i have a cable connected to my PLC for pulishing.

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@piekutt Tobias, welcome to the B&R Community!

I assume you have set this IP address to your physical IP address?

Try setting it to instead! This will force ARsim to run on your physical network card IP address.

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you can use pubsub from OPC UA FX in Arsim. Ensure your network configuration is correct. Set the simulation IP to to utilize the physical network card IP, which can help resolve connectivity issues.

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@marcel.voigt @Samzyan425

Thank you guys for the answers, I have tried it and it still does not seem to work. My log says the following:

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I also found using PubSub from OPC-UA FX in ARsim challenging. It seems like there might be some configuration issues. Has anyone successfully integrated it?
Any kind of help should be appriciable! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just remember …

starting from the 11th generation, Intel i3 CPUs support Time-Sensitive Networking.
If it is older the PC will not support OPC UA FX in simulation.

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Hi Tobias,
I have tested and it is working for me if
a) I set simulation IP address same like IP address of my laptop used for communication to PLC

b) And I use OPC UA FX version 1.0 (With 1.2 I have error Simulation IP address is invalid)

here is my sample project if anyone would like take a look. (143.5 KB)

Note: I connected PLC directly to my PC, so PLC is not connected to our company network as well as not to HUB/Switch.

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