Seeking Software Tool to Simulate OPC UA FX PubSub on PC

I am trying to use OPC UA FX PubSub model on a B&R C30 PLC.
I followed the instructions on the help and I test the publiser/subscriber between 2x C30 PLCs and it worked.
Now i want to test it with another devices, is there a way/software/tool that i can run on my computer to simulate a subscriber that can read the data on the publisher side (C30 PLC) ?


maybe the following tool could be used, it’s designed for testing communications and supports a broad range of protocols:

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Thank you for the support, It works well with the version V7.05 ! :smiley:

For information : I tried to use the last version (V7.06) but i didn’t get to launch the tool.

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You can perhaps also find insperiation in this thread PubSub ARSIM

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Thank you for sharing this link with, very usefull ! :smiley: