.NET Capabilities in B&R Devices VS OPC UA


I am trying to communicate a robot controller - OMNICORE C30 to a B&R 4PPC50-101E-10A. I need to determine what route to use for development, the 4PPC50-101E-10A supports ETH TCP/IP, however the OMNICORE C30 communicates using ETH/IP. These two protocols are not directly compatible so I am looking into alternatives.

One alternative is to use OPC UA, if I were to use OPC UA I need to generate another license key for our controllers that includes IoT Gateway this will allow OPC UA communications however I am intrigued regarding the aspect of B&R’s ANSI C++ & C capabilities. Is it possible to use these programming languages in B&R systems to create sockets to other devices using .NET? The intention is that I will have an application written in C or C++ that will be stored on the C50 Power Panel and READ/WRITE to I/O in my robot controller.

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I don’t know about using .NET in Automation Runtime, but I can tell you that an easy way to communicate to an ABB robot is the AsEthIP library. This allows the C50 to act as an Eth/IP slave using just the built-in Ethernet port and doesn’t require extra licenses on the B&R side. This is something I’ve done in the past with IRC5 robots.

Thank you! That’s just the ticket I was looking for.

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Awesome, you’re welcome!

Hello Adrian,
I use for the ABB IRC 5 controller the “robot communication runtime” for the .net application.
You need the software option “PC Interface” in the robot controller. I only use ABB IRC-5 but I think in omnicore it most be the same.

For the B&R PLC I use the PVI interface in .net.

So with this two solutions you have all the datas in .net. Than you can programm an interface for the two controllers in .net.