B&R HMI and Omnicore controller

Hello to all, is there possibility to communicate directly between one of B&R HMI panels and Omnicore robot controller as we have option between HMI CP 600 and IRC5 controller through Ethernet? Thanks.

Hi Branislav,

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It is possible to communicate between B&R controllers and ABB robots (IRC5 or Omnicore). There are multiple options available using Ethernet. Here are some ideas:

  • You could use OpcUa to communicate tags between the devices (this is probably the easiest)
  • The B&R controller can act as an Ethernet/IP adapter using the AsEthIP library
  • You could use ABB Robot Web Services to read status information and write commands from the B&R controller

I would recommend looking into the C-Series panels which are a controller and panel all-in-one. This would allow you to read data from the robot controller and display it on the panel with a mappView HMI.

Does this answer your question? If you’re able to talk a bit more about your use case we may be able to give you additional information.

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Thanks a lot Marcus, yes, this helps a lot.

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