OPC UA connection between Automation Studio and RobotStudio

I’m currently learning how to connect Automation Studio with RobotStudio. I would like to know if we have any other material for learning this. Either document or video about this topic will help, thank you very much.


I’m not sure if it’s exactly the information your searching for. But check out this link, it’s a short tutorial about connecting ABB Robot Studio with OPC UA to a B&R PLC:

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Another option which is available on some ABB robots is something called Robot Web Services. It’s essentially an API that lets you receive status information and send commands via HTTP. While this is already built into robots on the ABB side, there isn’t an official library on the B&R side. This is a topic that Loupe worked with a while back and they’ve made a video about it.

I think that OpcUa is probably an easier choice out-of-the-box but I wanted to mention it as an option.

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