Ethernet/IP Omron PLC

Hi, may i know how to connect b&r to connect to Omron PLC using EIP connection? So far I unable to find any related EDS file and document on how to connect both via EIP but both devices are support the EIP function. FYI, omron plc model is NX1P2 while B&R Model is Panel PC 2200. Any help and answer for it is much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Lee Oon Keng!

Ethernet/IP is supported, check it in the listed communication procols of this post:

If you already have a DTM file from the other master/slave you want to connect, in that case PLC of Omron, then you can just add it to an interface X20IF10D1-1 (master) or X20IF10D3-1 (slave). You have just to add it previously from Tools > Manage 3rd party devices in Automation Studio.

+info: EtherNet/IP

Thanks for the response. Do you have any sample or guidance on how to set up the connection? I unable to find any resource regard it. Looking forward for your help. Thanks.

I’ve attached a PDF that details the basics of getting an application running using the IF10D3-1 module. Hopefully this will help you get your application going.
IF10D3-1_GettingStartedGuide_V10 (1).pdf (504.4 KB)

@andrew.kelley Thank you for the reply. WIll try it out.