Cannot open as graphic view for layouts , pages in Mapp view

I cannot see the graphic view of layouts in Mapp view , i can only open as text file which is opened in an window as Xml file while double Clicking the created layout object , same for the other objects of Mapp view as well , i Dont know which window should be activated to view as graphic instead of text ,


check Editor options in AS-tools.


If you do not have option to open content in graphic editor, then very likely you will need to reinstall mappView.

What version of AS and mappView do you have? did you have any error during installation?

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It’s important to know which mapp View version you are using. Layout graphic editor was not released until 5.16.

If you are using previous version you only could open it in text format. Otherwise, follow Jaroslav’s suggestions.


Thank you for the quick response , my automation studio version is v4.9.3.114Sp and in my change runtime version Drop box menu i have preferred version as 5.12.1 , i choose 5.12.1 and nothing changed , still i couldn’t see the graphical view of the layout .

Hello Kovar,
I have the watch as graphical view in for pages , I don’t have for layouts .
thank you for the suggestion .

Then please follow @xabier.zaldua hints. You have to use mappView 5.16 and newer. If you do not have this version available in your combo box, you have to install it. AS,Tools, upgrade,Technology package

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Hi @arunec808,

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