Cannot see Hardware in Physical view after Migration of project from AS4.1 To AS4.4.6

I need to migrate a project AS 4.1 TO AS 4.4.6 , During this activity AS informed mismatch of version and it gave an option for converting the project and Eventually it converted to 4.4.6 , after conversion i had errors regarding mapping and everything is okay with configuration view, in the physical view i don’t have hardware i have a standard PC instead of my plc , its strange , had anyone faced this problem before .

Hi Arun,

Is it possible you have selected a configuration which is not the one you were working it before? Just go to “Configuration View” and check if you have other configurations there. Is possible after the conversion the first configuration is selected. Just select the one you want and define it as “Active configuration”.



Xabier , thank you for quick reply , yes indeed you are right ,i am new to AS , now i can see the hardware related to my configuration.


I’m not familiarized with this error and I don’t find nothing related to it in Automation Studio Help. I suggest you to do double click on the error, usually Automation Studio navigates you to the source of the error. In the case this error has an error number use Automation Studio Help Offline or Online to get more information about the error cause and solution.

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