AS old project migration

Hello, customer told that he has project made with AS can he just open it in latest version AS or there is some migration steps?

In my experience, the answer to this depends a lot on the project. In general though I usually recommend people move up slowly. First open it in the latest version of Automation Studio 3. Then open in AS 4.2. Then try 4.12. Those have seemed to be the biggest leaps. At each step, you’ll probably get errors when you open as well as when you build and you’ll want to address all of these at each step of the way. Definitely use version control so that you can save/revert your edits!

Here are some issues I’ve run into in the past:

  • If this project has motion in it, that will probably be the biggest hurdle because some of those errors can be complicated. Depending on how the code was written, you may decide that while you’re at it, you could upgrade to mappMotion or at least MpAxisBasic. But this isn’t necessary if it works as-is.
  • Another thing to look out for is outdated libraries that no longer exist in newer AS versions, or do not have binaries available for newer targets (i.e. ARM devices).
  • Look out for hardware that doesn’t have an AS 4.x update version available as this will necessitate hardware changes
  • There are sometimes errors when transitioning from legacy mapp to mapp Services. To fix these you can often just remove and re-add the libraries. However, you may also have to move configuration files around and/or adjust the information within them as the format of the mapp config files has changed over time.

And finally, test thoroughly, even if the project builds and transfers successfully!


@linas,changes between different versions of AS you can find in AS help, GUID f48ff5b3-b966-4662-a7f8-40a22481daf8 . This section is not available in our online AS Help


Hello, in customer case project was made AS 2.5.2, and on upgrade from SP3 it says version of project 0.1.1 please install needed AS version:

Hi Linas,

to convert a project from AS2.x to AS 3.x, the AS2 main version of the project has to be 2.6 at least (I recommend using the latest 2.7 version available which is AS2.7.0.25 UP18).

That means: first, the AS 2.5 project has to upgraded to 2.6 or greater, after that the upgrade to 3.x can be done. It’s also highly recommended to get the project first compilable without errors and so on after upgrading from 2.5.x to 2.7.x to avoid follow-up issues when upgrading from 2 to 3.

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Hi Alexander, than you it worked. Now customer has to remake whole project as it was written in automation basic language and VC3 :slight_smile:

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