Migrating a Larger Project from ACP10 to mapp Motion

Dear community members,

I have a general question regarding the migration of a larger project from ACP10 to mapp Motion. Is there an established best practice for this process, such as testing specific blocks or states and then transitioning them to mapp Motion? Alternatively, is there a recommended approach that ensures a smooth migration?

Additionally, I’d like to know if this migration is even possible without too much of downsides?

I ask because while I’ve found information on the differences between ACP10 and mapp Motion in the AS help documentation, there are no explicit step-by-step instructions for performing the migration.

Thank you for your assistance!

Hello Ivan,

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In the help we have this migration guide showing the similarities and differences of the available function blocks.

Are you migrating to mapp Motion 5.x or 6.0?
6.0 will be released soon (1-2 months), an engineering sample is available though.
There are significant differences in the interfaces (configurations, function blocks, etc.) between 5.x and 6.0.

Thanks for response :slight_smile:
I am migrating to mapp Motion 5.x

I created this Post for your Question.
Guide: Sample to migrate ACP10 to MappMotion

I am not aware of any other Step by Step Guides. In a real Project it can get very complex to cover all topics in a Guide.