Basic motion control

How do I define a simple motion axis. I am trying to use a SM1436 module to run a bipolar stepper motor axis (axes). In the configuration file for X20SM1426 it always refers to the axis as Real Axis 1, even though each time I add a module it Names it Gaxis01, 02, 03 etc.

How/where do I define each axis as first, second, third and so on?

What are the necessary libraries I must include in my compilation to build a simple motion control project? How would I know what libraries to look for??


B&R has two different motion control platforms - mappMotion and ACP10. mappMotion is the newer system and is recommended for new projects. However you may want to use ACP10 if you have previously written code or other machines using the older motion control system.

To enable either, go to Project → Change Runtime Versions in Automation Studio. You can then select a version to enable mappMotion or ACP10 (choose one or the other, but not both).

Note that the Major portion of the version you select (e.g. 5.16) must match with any other mapp components you have enabled.

This will add all of the required libraries to your project. After that step, the Automation Studio Help file has Getting Started guides for both systems. To use these GUIDs, open the Help file and press Ctrl+G (GoTo), then paste one in the top box.

  • mappMotion: c4d54629-dde4-4f8d-9e27-1887b0de7aa6
  • ACP10: baff3099-cff6-4ab6-9a39-0c959f7f5df4

Once you’ve created your axes, you can use the Configuration of your stepper module to tie each software axis to a hardware axis.

If you’re using a Stepper motor with mappMotion, also be sure to look at this Help page: 502c4242-bfe9-4cc2-b605-f1732abecf62

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