Guide: Sample to migrate ACP10 to MappMotion

This Guide shows how you can migrate an Projekt from using ACP10 Axis to using mapp Motion Axis.

Guid: c92953d8-424d-474d-ac79-e38cc8270470
Migration von ACP10_MC zu mapp Axis

1. Save As
As a first Step you might Save your Project with a different Name and Location.

2. Change Runtime Versions
Disable the ACP10/ARNC0 Version by setting it to “not defined”

Enabling usage of mapp Motion by setting a version to it and use Apply-Button

3. Clean Up Logical View
We have to Remove all ACP10 objects in the Logical View

After cleaning this will look like this

Parmeter Files can be used in mapp Motion since a special Version, if you use a actual one it is possible. They have to be referenced later via a ChannelFeature. If they are empty just delete them.

4. Clean Up Configuration View
We have to Remove all ACP10 objects in the Configuration View - Delete the Motion Folder.

After cleaning this will look like this

5. Create new Mapp Motion Axis
Select the Configuration File for an Axis in the Toolbox and add it to the mapp Motion Folder

Update the Values considering your old ACP10 Settings.

6. Connect Axis to Hardware and Update Parameters
Now we make the adjustments to the Physical View. Update all Settings in the ACOPOS Configuration which are now needed by mapp Motion.

6. Adding Parameter Files to Axis
We Add an Feature from the Toolbox and select our Parameter Table.

To link the Parameter Table to an Axis we have to add the Feature to this Axis.

7. Add mapp Cockpit
Add the mapp Cockpit Settingsfile and adjust the Permissions suitable for your Project

8. Fix all issues in your Application
There are a lot of differences between ACP10 Libraries and mapp Motion Libraries.
Now you have to compile and for each error you have to check the issue and then look for a suitable replacement in mapp Motion.

Consider also that the “Change Parameter during Runtime” was significant changed and is now mainly done by these to Functionblocks “MC_BR_ProcessConfig” and “MC_BR_ProcessParam”

9. Test
After fixing all Build Errors you have to Transfer your Project and Test it on an Target.
Check Logger if there are still errors occuring at Runtime.

With mapp Cockpit you can Test your Axis. It replaces the formaly “TestWindow” of ACP10.
Guide: Work with mapp Cockpit