Acp10 -> MappMotion - Controllers Parameters


Since we decided to switch to B&R, we are using the ACP10 (motion) library.
Now, I’m evaluating which are the advantages of MappMotion library.

Our architecture is full of axis and a very powerfull element of Acp10 is the MappingTable, because it was possible to

  • reuse an init parameter table for many axis.
  • the parameters were located in the “logical” side of the project, instead of being in the “Configuration”

Is there a possibililty to do the same also in MappMotion? Or do I have to manually copy parameter per parameter for each channel/axis?

I’m considering to build up a script to create an AxisSet and compile the *.hw file.

Thank you!


In mappMotion the controller parameters are defined in the hardware configuration.
It is possible to read out these parameters with MC_BR_ProcessParam funcion block and write these parameters to another axis.
Mode = mcPPM_READ;
DataType = mcCFG_ACP_CTRL;


Hello @corne.geerts

I was wondering if there is another workaround, because saving variables for many axes and sending it to drives requires memory and load the cpu.
I will try, Thank you

Marco Sartori

Maybe it’s possible to use the ‘ACOPOS Parameter Table’ ?
See the B&R Help: 1263ae80-113d-4a1b-bd6b-227ddae22b32

  1. Add a ‘ACOPOS Parameter Table’ file in the Logical View
  2. Add an ‘axisfeature’ file in the mappMotion folder in the Configuration View and connect the ‘ACOPOS Parameter Table’ file.
  3. Select Physical View and open the configuration of one of your servos. Find the ‘Channel features’ and connect the ‘axisfeature’ file to the axis.

I’m not sure though if this way of setting up parameters is suitable for configuring many axes with the same set of parameters. You still have to select each servo in the Physical View and set the ‘Channel features’ for each axis. But maybe it’s possible to make a script for just setting the ‘Channel features’?