Is there a "Acp10par-library" for mapp motion


for a new prototype, we are using mappMotion for the first time. We are used to have constant’s from the Acp10par library for all Acopos parID’s. I could not find predefined constants for the parID’s in mappMotion. According to my understanding, the parID’s on the Acopos are not related to ACP10 or mappMotion, but it is not possible to add the Acp10par library to a project using mappMotion. Is there any similar library for mappMotion?


The constants are now defined in the McAcpPar library.
You can select this library in Runtime Versions → mapp Motion → Advanced.

P.S. The constant’s names have changed.


Thanks Corne for you help!

Thanks! That’s what I was looking for.

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