Can't add X67UM4389-C01 in Automation Studio

On B & R Automation Studio v4.7.2.98 I am not able to add in that specific module and am limited to the X67UM4389. Is there an additional file used to import for that hardware module X67UM4389-C01?

For that module, you have to download the hardware upgrade from the B&R website:(Login | B&R Industrial Automation)

Then install that upgrade in Automation studio through the Tools → Upgrades menu.

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Module types ending with -Cxx are usually customer specific versions of modules, so the HW files are not included in Automation Studio.

To add the module, you need to install the HW file with the ‘Tools / Upgrades’ dialog.

You have two options:

  1. The Upgrades dialog directly contains a login functionality. If you enter your B&R website login data there, you will find the module.

  2. Download the Upgrade Installer from the website, by first logging in, then searching for the module. You can then use the ‘Local’ tab in the AS Upgrades Dialog.


Be aware, that these HW Upgrades are only available for B&R employee logins and for logins of the customer for which the customer specific version was made.