X20BB53 Not found in Automation Studio V4.12 Hardware


I’m new with B&R hardware and automation studio. I have a project with X20BB53 and X20CP0483.

The case is that I can’t find X20BB53 while creating a new project and adding the hardware in automation studio V4.12 . according to the manuals and automation help it’s supported from automation studio V4.11 and higher.

Note: I’m using evaluation license

Hi Kareem,

You must have already installed the hardware X20BB53 in order to add it to your hardware configuration. Probably you don’t have it installed in Automation Studio 4.12.

As you are using evaluation license download its upgrade from “Downloads” section in the product page: X20BB53 | B&R Industrial Automation (br-automation.com)

Afterwards install it from Tools > Upgrades > Local tab.

Once installed you can have it as base for your X20CP0483 without problem.



Thanks for your help. it’s working now.