Unable to find hardware PPC80 in my Automation Studio

Hi Community,

I am new to B and R, I have installed B and R Automation Studio SP. I am unable to find the hardware 4PPC80.101E.11C001 in the Hardware Catalog.
I have downloaded the AS4_HW_4PPC80.0573-10B. But unable to see it in upgrades.

What am i doing wrong?

PPC80 is only supported starting from Automation Studio 4.9. As you have installed Automation Studio 4.1 it is tool old and does not have support for PPC80.

Thank you Tommi Piiparinen,

I have installed using file AS_4.12.2.93_Install,

I was in perception that 4.12 is greater than 4.9. But after installation i find version to be

Can you help me with the link to download, I am not finding any downloads with version 4.9


To Download Automation Studio 4.12: the link is here

And for Automation Studio V4.9 : here



Version 4.12 is greater than 4.9, you are correct. But in your message you stated version, which is a 4.1 version.

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Thank you Wenbo Ruan and Tommi Piiparinen,

@tommi.piiparinen My software somehow stated that version, about which even i was wondering.

After successful installation, i am still not finding my product in the hardware catlog. “4PPC80.101E.11C001”


from the order code I can see that this is a customer specific hardware.
That means:

  • you have to install the hardware support via a update
  • to download this update, you need a login to the B&R website, AND you have to be an employee of the customer who’s belonging to that hardware, OR you have to be a B&R employee

Do you have such a a login?

Best regards!


You need to download the upgrade, you can do it by in tools–> upgrade

or on B&R download page

Nevertheless, both case require to be logged in, to find this specific model.


Hello Alexander,

I don’t have such login. I Will ask my company, for whom i am creating the application.

In the meantime can you help me; for why mapview is not seen in configuration.

Thanks Alexander Hefner.


okay, perfect! Only for information:
the company you’re developing for should be able to provide the update also as a executable that can be installed by Automation Studio Tools → Upgrades → Local.
If they can do so, a website login is not needed.

About your question that mappView is not seen - sure I’ll try to help!
But to be honest, I’m not a mappView expert … So could you please open a new thread, and give some detail about your issue (screenshot, or so) - if doing so, maybe others in our Community will see your question also and can maybe in a better way then me (regarding to mappView) :wink:


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Thank you Alexander.

Taking that as the feedback. Here i go with my second thread.

Thank you all.

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