CNC MAG FADAL 4020FX Infimatic Freedom NC200

I have a problem with this model (MAG FADAL 4020FX Infimatic Freedom NC200) Could someone help me, it about software Infimatic Freedom.
Could somebody tell me how to connect to server to update the software.
Or if somebody has a Backup, could send it to me at my Gmail?
The document rout is: My PC>C:>System>Infimatic
The Software is portable.

Hello Giovani,

It seems to include the B&R hardware in the equipment.
Could you contact machine builder to get software?
The machine builder will have portable software to back up and guideline.

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As Eun mentioned, the best course of action here would be to contact the OEM to get assistance with updating the software. They can help you make sure you get the correct version of the software and make the changes that you need. Without their involvement, there could be unintended consequences.

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Hello Eun Im,

B&R in mexico, does’nt answer their phone or support e-mail.
And the Support does’nt exist any more for this Product.
I expect someone of here could has a back up or something, because nobody on this company (Fadal) Could help me…

Hello Brittany,

In fact, I have already contacted the manufacturer, and they have not wanted to provide me with support for this model, since it is old, and I don’t know if it is marketing, but they only offer me to buy a new model, but I cannot spend hundreds of thousands dlls on one new machine just because they don’t want to give me service…
Its just like iPhone Support service “Oh, your iPhone don’t charge any more? hmmm… Buy us another one. It have not repair…”. Hahaha

Hi Giovani,

Sorry that you have been unable to get in touch with us here in B&R Mexico! I will have someone from our engineering team contact you via email next week to discuss the situation further and see if there is anything we can do to help.



Hi Juan.

Thank you for helping me, I’ll waiting for email answer. Have a good day! :mechanical_arm: