PG2000 installation

I need to install PG2000 (MS DOS based B&R SW) to urgently help our costumer.
I have DOS 7.1 installed on notebook, with 3 and 1/2 floppy drive and I have true RS232 COM port on it. So, thats all fine. I have got from company archive also PG2000 installation but not on floppies. My first problem is that I cannot store contents only of DISK1 to a floppy. Floppy should be OK, I have tested it… Now I am not sure if the archived installation is correct. Does anybody still have this installtion files? Or if maybe know how the instalation looks like. I mean directory (folder) structure. Because at that time there were no windows registry, files were only unzipped and copied to the folders.

Thanks for help
Matjaz Kopac

Hello, basically you do not need any floppy disk. Simply unzip all to any folder on the harddrive and run the installer. I can share PG2000 latest version if you need it but this is also an almost 25 year old version as there is no newer one

Hello Oliver! Thanks for reply. I have version 2.44. Does exist any newer? During weekend I succeeded to install it and it is working. But it seems the version we have is not the last as I cant’t open the costumer archived application (offline). For test I made one new and compare the contents. There is some difference in folder names (\DBK\RPS.SPS vs \DBK\2005.SPS). And the second: I connected PC and PLC and tried to upload (synchronize) the application (if exists on PLC) but when I try to open TASK layer, I get info “Not enough memory to open new window”. I think this message is not related directly to size of the memory but it could indicate not correct version. Or the PLC has no application on it maybe… The message at the bottom line is : C200B&R V2.5/ COM1 / R. When I think I am connected and version on the PLC is 2.5 not 2.44…)

Maybe you know if I am right?

If you have new version I would highly appreciate if I can use it!

As far as I know 2.44 was the latest version and there is no newer one which I could share with you.
“Not enough memory” could also arise if the available DOS memory is too low - back in this days there were a lot of tricks to free up memory (by not loading certain drivers or usage of “loadhigh” commands,…)

Tbh the path of a project I no longer remember. I am 22 years working with and for B&R but at this time Automation Studio was already available and my programming experience with PG2000 is too long ago that I would remember this. I am sorry

I can share the programming manuals if you would need it but regaring your questions I can hardly help but probably a different community member can help

Are you sure the C200 is programmed as a PLC?
The C200 controller can be connected to a display and key-blocks and was programmed with PKS 2.5 (Panelware Configuration Software).

But the C200 controller could also be programmed as a PLC.

in addition to what Oliver already mentioned:

As I remember, for bigger projects / opening more editor windows you have to increase the number of “FILES” and “BUFFERS” in config.sys by adding to config.sys:
(this is only a example, maybe you need even higher numbers like FILES=100 BUFFERS=50)

Also loading the HIMEM.sys driver could be worth a try, this also has to be done in the config.sys by adding:

This will free some lower memory by loading parts of the DOS kernel into the upper memory.

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Hi! This I don’t know… Is it possible to check somehow from the application files? I’ve asked costumer but it seems it was PG2000. They gave me this SW (PG2000) and the application for PLC. They would like only to load that application to the C200 again.

That helps a lot! I refresh my memory with those DOS tricky settings.
Thank you!

Hi Alexander!
Can you help further? I have problems with download of app to the C200. On the C200 I put switch to the mode 7 as per manual. It means it goes into DIAG mode what should right mode for program transfer. I start the download and receive message "Version number of the configuration module does not match the current version. How can i change it?


I’m really sorry, but I’ve never worked with PG2000 in terms of PLC programming - I only was the guy who looked into the DOS topics :wink:
I hope that someone else can help!

Best regards!

Hello, can you send me this version of PG2000 please? I’m trying to download this software to declare variables of type AF101. Can you help me?

Hi Alvaro,
Sorry for late response. I can send it (via Wetransfer) if you still need it. Will you send me your e-mail?

Thank you! My email is