B&R Noob dipping my toes

Hi all,
I am a complete B&R Noob with some Codesys and older Festo knowledge.
Fooling around with the AS Trial versions and some older x20CP0291 hardware that I hope to be able to play around with.


Hello Peter. Welcome to the B&R Community! :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s great to have you here.

The forum looks good so far. I don’t know if the hardware I have is to old though.
I will play around for I while and see what I can find out.

That is one of the most complex PLCs to Start to play with it.
Be carefull my friend. The old motorola CPUs, low performance, and difficult transfers are the key elements to avoid that CPU for just pure “testing”

On the other hand:
X20CP0410 | B&R Industrial Automation (br-automation.com)
Fast boot time, reliable, easy and compatible ARM/Intel CPUs and cheap!
is a good recommendation where to start.

Marcos, thanks for the information.
But I already have an old, used, X20CP0291 and for the moment I live with the illusion “how hard can it be” :wink:

Do you know a Swedish dealer that carries the CP0410?

You can find your local office here!