Finding a CPU Alternative to PP420 Without Modifying Program

I want to buy a PP420 CPU, but it has been discontinued and I have to pay more than three times the price for a used one. I need to use the PP420 because it allows my existing programs and servo motor drivers to operate without any modifications. However, this is now financially too difficult. Is there another alternative CPU that I can use without having to modify the programs and servo motor drivers?


unfortunately there’s no way to switch to a different PLC type without any modifications.

Only the exact same type of PLC is binary compatible, even within the same PLC family the type (= order code) has to be the same one.

To switch to a different system, at least some adaptions of the hardware tree and a recomplilation of the project is neccessary.

I can only recommend to contact your local B&R sales representative to check for example if your existing device still can be repaired (I assume it’s defective because you’re searching for a discontinued system?).

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Agree with Alexander. So if you do not have source project, then I would say it worth buying used one. But be careful, it must be the same type.

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So far as I know does B&R still repair the PP420 units, maybe you consider that option as well.

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