Compact PLCs and HMI-PLC Systems Enhance Efficiency in Small-Scale Automation

“Are there any compact PLCs or HMI plus PLC systems with I/O systems available that are suitable for smaller, simpler applications?”

the B&R Product Portfolio can be accessed via the Webpage - Section “Products

The smallest Cabinet based PLC is the X20CP0410. There are some different Models with the same Housing-Size but different specs. You can connect the full Standard IO-Protfolio of B&R to this PLC.
X20CP0410 - Product Site

For low end HMI you can have a look to the C/T-Panel Series
C/T-Panel Product Overview

For Safety the entry Modules are the X20SLX Modules
X20SLX0210 - Product Page

All Products from B&R are Programmed via Automation Studio and you can easily move from simple to complex applications.


Dear @michael.bertsch Noted Thanks. I understand that the model requires modular input/output modules. My question pertains to the availability of PLCs with inbuilt I/O modules.

The only Module with build in IOs is the X90-System. But this is a special System optimized for mobile Applications.

There is no Standard Cabinet PLC with onboard IOs available in series, as far as i know.

Once there was the X20CP13xx but they have been discontinued.