Conversational Help is now available for the B&R Community

Hello Community!

We are happy to announce that the Conversational Help, aka Chatbot, is now available on the B&R Community.
You will find it in the Automation Help section, where you can toggle between the Automation Help and the Conversational Help.

We are very confident to deliver high quality answers with the Conversational Help.
The technology is ready and the AI will learn from the questions it receives and the feedback users provide.
That’s why we’re now calling it an open beta now and will evaluate the user inputs and feedback in the coming weeks.

Conversational Help

A login is required to use the Conversational Help.
It is currently free to use, but we reserve the right to link it to a license at a later date.

To use the Conversational Help it’s necessary to enter your question and an answer based on the Automation Studio Help content will be generated.

It’s possible to ask a follow up question, because the context of the conversation is remembered by the Conversational Help.

If you have a question about a different topic please click the “New Chat” button.

This triggers a reset of the conversation and your previous inputs are not considered anymore.

The current implementation is based on English sources and is answering with English text.
We expect the best results when questions are asked in English.

Please consider that answers are AI generated and may contain errors, inconsistencies or outdated information. It is provided as-is without any warranties or guarantees of accuracy. Please see it as a starting point for your investigation and use additional sources to verify the answers. B&R assumes no responsibility or liability arising from the generated information.