CP1585 to CP1585 Powerlink communication with Safety

Hello everyone,
i would like to create a setup of two CPUs that communicate via Powerlink.
My idea was to set it up as shown in the picture, but the “CP1585_B” does not find the “SL8100” when the Powerlink interface is in “controlled node” mode.
Somehow understandable for me, because the SL8100 itself is a controlled node and needs a managing node to be able to communicate, right?
If I switch the “CP1585_B” to “managing mode” then the SL8100 is found directly and the system itself works.
However, I cannot then communicate between CPU A and B.

Maybe I’m missing something fundamental here, but unfortunately I don’t know what to do at the moment.
Do you have any tips for me?

Thank you very much!

Why don’t you use the _B-CPU as the managing node and the _A-CPU as iCN? In one powerlin-network you can have only one managing node. And as I know the SL8100 needs to have to connected CPU (“B”) being a managing Node.

Depending on your requirement of the machine, “Open Safety Over UDP” could also solve your problem. With this you can simply connect Safe Nodes via Standard-Ethernet ports without Powerlink.
See more: B&R Online Help

Hey Samuel, thanks for the reply!
The _A-CPU may also be a CP1585 with an SL8100 instead of the SLX.
_B-CPU must stay the same.

I guess in this case the _A-CPU needs a new PLK network (using an IF1082 e.g.)?

The “Open Safety Over UDP”, however, looks very interesting. But I need mappSafety for this, right?
We are not using mappSafety at the moment, unfortunately.

For the moment I changes the roles (managing node ↔ controlled node) and it is working.
Thank you!

Yes, if the A-CPU has also a X20SL8100 which is connected to the PLK of the CPU you need a second PLK IF as you mentioned.
I’m not 100% sure, but I think the Open Safety Over UDP connection is also possible with Safety Release, so you don’t need mappSafety.