Clarification on Understanding of mappSafety and Distributed Safety I/O

Hello, I intend to have the topology shown in the image (which builds in AS OK) where I have an X20SLX811 with Safe I/O distributed across different modules via X20BC0083.
The examples I have seen for this all use X20SL81XX so I would like to confirm:

  1. Is this feature is still possible with X20SLX?

I have seen that the maximum number of recommended nodes for the SLX is 5 (and the maximum you can have under the free Starter license is 5).

  1. Does the node that is connected to the SLX count as 1 node? So I can have the SLX and 4 others? Or is it the SLX as the domain then 5 other nodes?

  2. If I had 7 nodes then the recommendation would be to swap the SLX and BC0083 for X20SL8101 and I would also need 1TCMPSAFETY.10-01?

  3. Multiple domains are only needed if the different modules need to react independently of each other? For example if I open the guard door on 1 module, this module shuts down but the other 4 continue as normal.

Thanks in advance!

  1. This is possible.

  2. SLX is counted as 1 node, so you can have the SLX and then 4 other nodes.

  3. You are correct.

  4. Multiple domains are only needed when you are using multiple Safety PLCs. The Safe Domain is used to differentiate which module belongs to which Safety PLC.


That’s great, thanks Tommi!