X90CP174.48-S1 and X20CP0484 + X20SLX811 communication via SafeDomain-To-SafeDomain


Can X90CP174.48-S1 communicate with X20SLX811 via SafeDomain-To-SafeDomain, where X90CP174.48.S1 will be managing SafeDomain and X20SLX811 will be connected SafeDomain. X20SLX811 will be attached to X20CP0484. I have illustrated the architecture as well for better understanding, please let me know if need any more information regarding this configuration.

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Hi Jai,

As far as I know, this should be possible using mappSafety. Once you’ve configured SafeDomain to SafeDomain communication, go to the module configuration for your X20SLX811 and set the ID of the managing SafeDomain to equal the SafeDomain ID of your X90S:

In this example, I’ve set the X90S to have a SafeDomain ID of 1 and the X20SLX811 to have a SafeDomain ID of 2. This means that 1 is the managing domain and 2 is the managed domain (though to my knowledge, the number order doesn’t actually matter here; you can configure it however you’d like).

Note that these devices will have to be in two separate configurations within the same Automation Studio project.

If you’re running into a specific problem setting this up, let us know!

Hi Mr. Marcus,

Thank you for the detailed reply with some configuration view.
Will test it out from my end and let you know the outcome

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Hello @kumaranj
did you already have the chance to test the suggestions and could you share the result with us? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Hi @lukas.struber,

We have relayed the suggestion to the customer and they have not gotten back to use regarding the outcome, but according to my colleague, the suggestion should work. Nevertheless, will get back to you once I get feedback from my customer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @kumaranj

Thank you for the feedback. As it seems that the suggestions solved the issue, we will close this for now and mark the suggestion as solution. Let us know if there is anything upcoming in the future.

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