Creating a CF Card With Files From Mapp Backup

Mapp backup is a great function which has the ability to save time creating backups without having to remove the card. The process is surprisingly fast.

However, I can’t seem to find out a way to burn a CF card with the files created from mapp backup. Does anyone know if this is possible? If you can’t create a card with the files it limits the usefulness.

Hello Curtis,

To be clear are you asking about restoring from a backup? if so that information can be foundhere

If you asking about using mappBackup to create a new CF card, then I’m fairly certain the answer is no. Its not designed to do that.

However creating new CF or CFast cards can be done directly through AS and the Offline Install option.
If you have the card plugged into you’re computer via a reader the Transfer wizard should automatically detect it too.

I want to create a CF card with the files created through the backup. We often have customers where the CF gets corrupted and it will not boot. It would be ideal if we could tell them to simply move the files from their last backup to a new CF to boot.

it would also be nice if the user partition data was also available from those files so they could send us the files and we could burn a new CF card using those files.

It would be preferred to not have to mail anything to a customer where they would be down for multiple days.


In this case, you can suggest customer to create a image (.zp3) of the working CF card. This image can be restored at a later time in another CF card.
For details , you can refer AS help B&R Online Help (
This is one of the option to keep image file.

Hi @c213227 Curtis Weyenberg,

It looks like you got some good information multiple users here, and it has been a couple of weeks since the last activity on this post. If the answers helped you with your question, can you help the next person with the same question by marking the solution on the information which helped you the most. If you still have open questions on this topic, can you provide an update?

There isn’t really a solution to my issue. The issue was how do you create a CF card using the files created with mpBackup. It turns out you cannot.

I’ll mark Josh’s post as the answer because it says you need to burn a CF using traditional methods.