Restore files with utility center as 4.12


I made a copy of the image on a CF card and everything went well.


In the image copy I have three files zp.1 zp.2 and zp.3

To restore the image copy I use utility center and restore the zp.3 file

Doing a copy of the project in the manner detailed above move all the files from the old cf card to the new cf card? Just restoring the zp.3 file?

I understand that by making a copy of the CF card in utility center (create, modify, execute .pil project) you can also make a copy of the CF card.


but what difference exists between one way and another?

And another question, I see that there are alarm and parameter files for my project in Excel, Are these files regarding alarms and parameters of my project also restored only with the zp.3 file?

Thank you.


when creating an image, for compatibility reasons to older Runtime Utility versions you can also choose the version of the image file

Every image file contains the same data, so it’s enough to restore one of them (in your case, V3 as you already use the latest Runtime Utility Center Version 4.12).
When restoring, all data and also the partition layout is restored to the new cf card.

About the csv files: if they are stored on the CF card (I assume on partition F: which is the so called “User Partition”), then they will be restored also, yes.
But such files are not “standard Automation Runtime files”, so I assume that they are used / created / edited by the application user code of the PLC.

About the difference using “Create/Restore a disk image” and “Create, edit … (.pil)”: from the functional point of view, there is no difference :wink:
The “Create / Restore a disk image” button on the splashscreen is only the “quick link” to the same image functionality, because this function is used often without the need to do more with the functionality that is possible with “Create … (.pil)”.

Hope that helps, best regards!

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Thanks for the explanation, I understand that when restoring zp.3 file on a new CF card, my F partition will also be included there: user with the consequent CSV documents of parameters and so on.

Thanks for the explanation now I’m safer to give use to my new CPU x20cp1584, I restore in new card file zp.3, insert in Cpu new switch in RUN and to work !!!.

Thank you.