How to take Backup from PLC X20CP1584

Hi All,

I’ve a PLC X20CP1584, and i would like to take a backup from it. Can you suggest me how can i achieve it.

you can take the compact flash, connect it to an pc and create a image using runtime utility center:
Open the runtime utility center

and click on create/restore a disk image

choose Create image file from disk, choose the drive (the compact flash you connected to your computer), and choose the place you want to save it.



Thank you for the reply, i’ll try the steps and further any assist required i’ll intimate the same.

Hi @wenbo.ruan

Created the image from CF card. Now how extract the program from image…?


B&R work with compiled project, which means that back up is in binary. The backup is used to restore/recreate the compact flash, you don’t have access to the source code of the machine.

If you want the machine source code, you’ll have to contact the machine manufacturer.



In the PVs is maybe important data stored to run your plant or engine as well.
If you want to create a backup, then I recommend to also do an upload of all global and local PVs in the PLC with the Runtime Utility Center.