Upload program from a PLC

Dear B&R Experts,

We have multiple machines using B&R computers and PLCs in our shopfloor. May I ask how I upload a program from a PLC or a B&R computer?

We will need to store the program for our asset management.

Much appreciated.


Hello Lei

There is only compiled code on the control that is not readable. Only if the programmer has explicitly stored the source code on the flash can it be downloaded.


If you just want to backup the program, then you could upload it with the Runtime Utility Center.

You could also can create a copy or image of the compact flash card. You are then not able to change the program code since there are just compiled binaries (except if as already mentioned the progammer has downloaded its source code to the PLC) on it, but you could restore it on another CPU if your current CPU fails.

Thank you. I will use the Runtime Utility Center.

It is included in the PVI download:

I have Automation Studio 4.6.7 installed that matches the version used in B&R PC. Is Automation Studio part of PVI? I am very new to B&R controls. Thanks.

It is the other way around.
PVI comes with AS, but you can download and install PVI without AS as well.


Are there any B&R training videos or webinars for Automation Studio and Mapp View?

You maybe can find something there:

Here you can find related training and learning content for beginners:

The contents are only visible when logged in . You can log in using the access data for the B&R website . B&R customers can obtain their access data from their B&R sales representative or use our Contact form.

For learning we should not forget also Automation Studio Help (now also online) and also B&R YouTube channel.


Hi all, I want to add some info about source code on target topic.
@stephan.herbig By default only compile (binary) code is present on PLC but in AS there are also standard options to transfer source code to the PLC when downloading. You have 2 way to do that:

  1. Enable the target source files comparison:
    This allow you to see all the code in AS via the feature Project->Compare Source Files On target

  2. Second way is to enable “store project source files directly on target” option available in configuration view:
    This will allow you to open a project from AS by File->Open project from target

@lei.qu Anyway I don’t know if this is useful for your goal.

Thank you for the information. It helps.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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