Restore the image by Runtime Utility Center

My old CFard was been damaged, so I replaced it by a new one, but I cannot restore my image by the Runtime Utility Center, size of them is 2Gb. Does anyone have some idea to resolve it? Thanks so much!

Your new CFcard is smaller than the original one. So you have to restore it to the same CFcard (producer, series,…etc) or you have to buy bigger one.

they are the same 2Gb CF card, i can not buy new one that have exactly byte size. For bigger, it shows this

Image files with supported operating systems can also be recovered to a larger disk (than originally used). In this case supported operating system is AR. There is some more info B&R Online Help . Otherwise applying the image to another CF/Cfast only works if it is the exact same size as the original one. CFasts may have slightly different sizes depending on the revision. So what OS do you have on your original image and is it CFast card from same producer (delivered by B&R) and with same revision?

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The problem that you are facing is because when you try to restore 3rd party images (something different than purely ArEmb like Windows, for example) using Runtime Utility Center. As Jaroslav says, this will only allow you to perform 1:1 copies in this kind of situations.

In similar cases, we decided to use non B&R tools that allows you to perform a smart copy (skipping the empty memory cells) when trying to restore a non AR operating system.

We often used Macrium Reflect, but there are plenty of other similar tools (like Filezilla to mention another one) that allows you to restore CF and CFast cards.

Of course, you need to have an image backup created using some of this tools before you can restore it back. So, this solution might not be useful now (because you created the backup with RUC and you are forced to use the exact same CF size to restore it) but it might be an interesting information to know in a future.



Hello Roger,
I found your information very usefull.
However I cannot find in FileZilla the mentioned function for Disk Image.
Do you mean CloneZilla maybe ?
Thank you for sharing!

Ops, sorry! Yeap I meant CloneZilla :smiley: !

We use Filezilla to visualize the files in the PLC’s user partition via FTP…

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Hi @godautomation Dai Tran,

It looks like you got some good answers from Jaroslav and Roger, and it has been a couple of weeks since the last activity on this post. If the answers helped you with your question, can you help the next person with the same question by marking the solution on the information which helped you the most. If you still have open questions on this topic, can you provide an update?

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Thanks for yours support!, That’s useful!! I have resovled it. I bought another CFcard that the same brand, type with the old one. Thanks Jaroslav and Roger