Creation of customized Reports and Trends

I would like to know if operators can create customized reports and trends by himself. Or Report and Trends should be finalized and created during engineering phase only and operators can use only standard templates for report and trends.

Also I would like to know what is functionality of Runtime DB in Operator Station.

Hi Rajat, is this picture from official B&R documentation? Can you share link with us? To your first part of the question, for reporting you can use mpReport, but operator can use only prepared templates as far as I know.

Update: maybe this is about Aprol? If so, then would be great to point it out and then someone else maybe can help you :slight_smile:

Hi Jaroslav,

You are right this from Aprol.

Link to this document - APROL_R44_C1_InteractiveProcessControl_001.pdf (
Please refer Page number 62 of this document.

Yes, I realized it later because runtime and operator station. I’m not expert on APROL, so sorry, someone else must help you. :slight_smile:

Hi Jaroslav,

Thank you for your time and also reply. Hopefully someone in our community will answer :slight_smile:

With the Trend-Viewer every operator can create trends by himself and save the trend configuration for repeating usage.
To make variables available in the Trend-Viewer the engin-user has to connect them with the AprCCTrend Block.
(more in APROL Product Doku C1)

For reports i recommend Jaspersoft Studio to you. There is an option where the engin user creates a complete template for the operator or the operator can set up reports by himself.
(more in APROL Product Doku X14)
It should be already installed on your APROL System (Engin) but you will need an additional license to use it.
Jaspersoft itself is a big topic, but there is a lot of help available on the internet.
Also you can contact our acadamy department to book a training.

The /home/operator/RUNTIME Folder represents all project related data (process graphics, users, project rights etc.).


Hi David,

Thank you for your reply.

Hi Rajat,

afaik operators are not able to create customized reports. customer reports are created during engineering phase and are located with source at

/home/engin/ENGIN/PROJECTS/project name/WEB/country code/REPORTS/customer/

after download you can find them at

/home/aprolsys/PROJECTS/project name/RUNTIME/WEB/country code/REPORTS/customer

For operator created reports you can use the additional solution “Jasper BI Suite” as mentioned by David.

Topic Trends: Operators can create online trends with the specific operator right assigned. But online trends are deleted by project download.

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