Cycle time violations on PLC due to cycle time settings

I need help with this exact issue, I think I made an incorrect setting when setting my task times and my controller keeps giving cyclic time violation error and system tasks are using more than 50% of my cpu, is there anyone still active?

Hello Ömer Sezai Alumur,

Welcome to community.

If your system task is taking too much of your cpu, then you can change the task cycle where the Idle tasks are being run and it’s duration.

For that, right click on your chosen PLC, and click on the configuration

On the Timing part, you can open the idle time configuration, where you can change the cycle time where the idle task is being run, and it’s duration

for shorter duration and being run on cycle time that’s longer usually lower the load on cpu, but take into account that cycle time being too long can affect background processes.

Then again, it’s important to note, that a cycle time violation can be also caused by code, such as wrong use of loop. Having logger and profiler may be of great use to diagnose the real cause

Can you take a profiler and share it with us here? The steps to do so are explained in this post.