Dealing with super large Recipe Files with MpRecipe

Hello everyone,
Do anyone has experience dealing with super huge recipe file with MpRecipe, the loading time could take up to 15 minutes in my particular case. Just wondering if anyone has any tricks to speed things up here.

For context, the recipe file has about 490,000 lines of values. Would executing the MpRecipeCsv function block multiple times per TC help in this case?
Not sure if spliting up the recipe file to multiple smaller ones would help in the total time or not either (it could end up the same).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Having one huge file is faster than having multiple small files. This is one case i analysed in the past. Its also intuitive i think, as he would have more overhead with opening and cloasing the file.

I also know that if you load multiple files, you can do it with multiple instances in parallel to speed up. But this will not help in your use Case i think.

The only case i would test is, to have short cycle time. But as far as i know the Recipe works in backround and therefore i would not expect a speed up.

I Think the overall Performance of the PLC is also a point. If you can free computing Time by reducing other workload TC#1 instead of 2ms → 4ms for example could help.