Does ARSim and EasySim will communicate each other and update values in simulation mode?

Hi Techies,

I have a project in Automation Studio (v4.12) and Safe Designer (v5.17) and working fine with hardware.
Due to unavailability of hardware at our side, we are running Automation Studio (ARSim D4.93) and to move further we are trying to simulate Safe Designer (EasySim Safety 2.8 Build2).

My Question: Is it possible to establish a network between ARSim & EasySim to communicate both and exchange its parameter values?
If yes then what are the tools and steps are needed to perform.


i never heard of someone doing a communication between these two Simulations. I consider it as not possible out of the box.

The ARsim has some API interfaces like PVI which you can use to connect it to a digital Twin. But for the EasySim i don’t know an API.


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Hello Mukund,

Michael is correct. The EasySim in SafeDESIGNER is self-contained and does not link to ARsim or any other source. If you need the values of variables that come from a different source, you need to force them using the watch window or variable force inside SafeDESIGNER.

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Thanks for the reply

Thanks Andrew for confirmation