Easy and quick way to save/restore values of permanent variables?


We are routinely saving the values of the permanent variables of our machines but the process can be a bit tedious. We are currently using the option ‘Variable list’ from ‘Runtime Utility Center’ and we have to manually create the variable list file for each machine.

Is there a way to automatically get the values of the variables declared in the ‘Cpu.per’ and save them into a file? And then use this file to restore the values if needed?
We’ve tried to use the ‘Watch’ window in Automation Studio but the process takes even longer.

Thank you!


I use mapp recipe “MpRecipeXml”.
so I can save all variables which I want as XML file on the PLC.

With this library you can also load the variables back from the XML file in the PLC.

There are good videos at the tutorial portal.

Then you can programme a trigger that automates the process.

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Hello and welcome !

I would use RUC as well but with a template file

(sorry for the german but RUC is in german in my case)

The template needs to contain the variables you want to read:

Using the CPU.per file and copy&paste the names this file can be created quite easy

As a result you get a variable list back which only contains the variables in your template - if you directly write this into a file using RUC you can then use this created list directly to restore the values on this PLC.

So basically you would need a template file for every machine you run.

Here is another way of storing permanent variables (using an open-source library from Loupe):
Persist :: Loupe Documentation (loupeteam.github.io)

GitHub - loupeteam/Persist: AR Library for storing variables to permanent memory