Error regarding storage size of StateMachineenumeration

Dear ALL,
I am reaching out you guys for your help in getting rid of an error which I never encountered before. The error says storage size of ‘StateMachine’ isn’t known.
I am defining StateMachine variable with StateMachineEnum (enumeration type) with 5 states (value is not assigned).
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

could you provide us some printscreen? Error message as well as enum defintion?

Ahoj Jaro,

I am attaching screenshots for your reference.

Nazdarek :slight_smile:

Can you try to double click error? where it will navigate you ( I can see ln and col number). share it with us. Can you try to rename enum typ in definition, save it and select proper enum type name in variable declaration just to be sure there is no typo.

Děkuji za rychlou odpověď :slight_smile:
I tried by renaming the enumeration type and even the enumeration variable but compiler still throws the same error :confused:

I am attaching printscreen of header file (.h) which opens after double click on the error:

Can you place the .typ file before the .var file of the library.


Thanks Geerts.