exOS's Sample cannot run as planned

Hi, we had a chat in parallel, and as you wrote, you worked your way through it :slight_smile:

I created a blogpost which covers some of the findings, ant things that are good to know when using, or starting to use exOS. exOS FAQ & Getting Started

What I didn’t cover, was the reason for the first probem here, that you should only install the exos-server.deb package on your target system, all other packages will be installed automatically, please also see the installation chapter in the help.

If you had installed exos-data.deb instead of the exos-data-eth, you wouldnt have seen the problem, because the dpkg would see that the package was already installed, but you can only have one of the packages installed on the target, because they are using the same resources, just that

  • exos-data is intended for hypervisor system with shared memory
  • exos-data-eth is intended for simulation and build targets (WSL) without shared memory support.
  • You can find some more info on that here exOS cross compiling

Again, the exos-data packages should not be installed manually on a deployment target.

Cheers, and keep up the good spirit!