SysMon-Libary: Monitoring Modul APC failed

We have several APC 3100s running Aprol 4.2.6 and we regularly get an error message from the life monitoring of the hard drive (CFast installed).
The error only occurs when we press the refresh button. After some time (about 2 days) the error occurs again.
The cause appears to be a faulty UCB variable (UcbStAlaStTyp).
It is a standard block from the Sysmon library.

Is this error known to anyone?

I hope someone can help me and thank you in advance

Hello Christian,

can you please post a screenshot of the error?

best, David

here are the screenshots. I can only upload one at a time as a new member.


Thanks for the screenshots.

I have a few additional questions:


On which Patch exactly (Version 4.2-06 P?) is APROL running?
If you don’t know you can find it out with the follwing console command:


Is it a redundant system?

Can you please send me another screenshot of this Trigger Block with active debbuging.

Hello David

Patch version: R4.2-06_P7

The APC is not used redundantly.

The error is not present at the moment, as the error goes away when you press the refresh button and only comes back after some time. I can now post a current screenshot and if the error occurs again, then the screenshot with the error image.

Here is a screenshot if the error occurs.

Hello Christian!

It appears there’s an issue with the time configuration.
The ‘TrigTsNext’ Pin on the ‘AprFbTrig’ UCB block is currently set to a past time, which is incorrect.

Please check here your configuration and try to set the timestamp correctly.

If the problem persists, I recommend reaching out to B&R Support for further assistance. They can provide more in-depth troubleshooting and guidance specific to your setup.