Extract data from X20CP1585

I have an X20CP1585 also an X20BC0083 and i would like to to connect to it and extract data from this plc.
Where i would connect the cable in the PLC or in the BC module and what type of cable i use ?
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Hi, X20CP1585 is PLC and has two interfaces Ethernet and Ethernet Powerlink. B&R Online Help Ethernet you can use for communication with PLC from AS ( project download etc.) or for communication to other device e.g. using OPCUA. X20BC0083 is a Ethernet Powerlink bus controller. To the plc is connected using EP interface and allows to connect additional IO to PLC. B&R Online Help. For ethernet you can use standard rj45 cable, for EP you should use cable from B&R. But you can of course use rj45 cable as well but must fulfilled requirements.

From your question is not clear what do you mean by extract data? You must explain this in more details.

Thank you
I mean by extract data : I would like to connect with my PC to the plc and download the program using automation studio

Ok. For this RJ45 cable and PLC ethernet (IF2) interface is the right one. Make sure that your network connection configuration on the local PC fits to configuration on your PLC :slight_smile:

How can i configure my network pc connection adress and the PLC?

Here is getting started for that. B&R Online Help

Hello Houcem,

Please note that in almost all cases, you must already have the program from the machine manufacturer before you will be able to make changes to it. While occasionally possible, it is rare for our machine builders to include source code on the controllers in a way that can be uploaded and changed

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